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Date: February 2007

Centenary Song

The following Centenary song by Yvonne Donnelley was sung by the children from Marin Montessori School at the AMI/USA Gala.

We are the children, we are the children.
We are the future of the world.
We are the children,
We are all your children.
We will do the great work and celebrate the world.
(Written and composed by Yvonne Donnelley)

Siamo i Bambini, siamo i bambini.
Siamo il futuro del mondo.
Siamo i Bambini,
Tutti i vostri bambini.
Foremo il lavaro grande,e celebreremo il mondo.
(Translated by Mel Sibony)

Bokura wa kodomo, bokura wa kodomo.
Bokura wa sekai no mirai.
Bokura wa kodomo,
Min-na no kodomo.
Bokura de tsukuro sekai no wa.
(Translated my Miho Hatfield)

Somos los ninos, somos los ninos.
Somos el futuro del mundo.
Somos los ninos,
Somos todos sus ninos.
Haremos el gran trabajo, y celebraremos el mundo.
(Translated by Mel Sibony)

Sisi ni watoto, sisi ni watoto.
Sisi ni kesho ya dunia.
Sisi ni watoto,
Sisi wote ni watoto.
Sisi tutafanya kazi nzuri na kusherekea dunia.
(Translated by Joseph Omwamba)