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Disharee Montessori House, Kolkata, India

In this centenary year, our annual Grandparent’s Day was celebrated in a more elaborate manner. It was held on 12th January 2007 at Madhusudan Manch from 5.30 p.m to 7 p.m.

To begin with the children sang The Grandparent’s song in which they professed their love for them.

Then the very young group (21/2years) danced to the lullaby ‘Chanda Mama’. The next item was ‘Serenity in the Jungle’ where children dressed as various animals moved freely among the trees. Next came a Kathak recital by one of our ex students. This was followed by a lively Bengali song and dance called ‘Lal Pahadi’

Then came the main item. A dance Drama titled ‘The Golden Fruit’ Two young princes ride through the jungle and meet two foxes, a kind old lady, a venomous snake, some mermaids and some rakshashs and finally obtain the golden fruit which when eaten by the foxes turn them back into princesses.

The next item was a Ramp Walk by the young Dishareans.

On this occasion Disharee made a small contribution to an NGO called ‘Dignity Foundation’

The final item was a song and dance titled ‘Hello Friends’ which pays a tribute to Dr. Maria Montessori.

The evening ended with each child handing over a memento (gifted by Disharee) to his/her grandparents

The evening was enjoyed by the young and old alike.

Rita Bose