Events Montessori Highlights Montessori Centenary Celebration in Denver

Date: 19 January 2007

Centenary Celebration in Denver

We celebrated the Montessori Centenary in Denver, CO. with an inspiring lecture by Dr. Constance Kamii on "How Children Acquire Knowledge". We had 140 participants, coming from Africa,England and all over the United States. It was a great celebration!!

How Children Acquire Knowledge - Constance Kamii in a Centenary Lecture
Details Seminar Highlights: (focus on children aged birth-8 years, with emphasis on ages 4-8 years)
• Children’s acquisition of physical, social (conventional), and logico-mathematical knowledge
• The nature and importance of logico-mathematical thought in Piaget’s theory, with the aid of videotaped examples
• How children acquire number concepts
• The child’s “construction” of an understanding of mathematics, within the context of overall cognitive development
• The role of logico-mathematical knowledge in various subjects such as Physics, Geography, and History

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