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Date: 7 January 2007

Pakistan Montessori Association Centenary Celebration

Pakistan Montessori Association (PMA) started the centennial celebrations on January 7, 2007 with the unveiling of Dr. Maria Montessori's portrait at Jamshed Memorial Hall where the first PMA course was held in 1949. The ceremony was attended by Montessorians and guests. Dr. Ismail Saad, a reputed educationist and the translator of Absorbent Mind and Discovery of the Child into Urdu, unveiled the portrait.

On March 27 we invited Montessori schools to take part in 100 steps for Montessori. Children collected at the mausoleum of the founder of the nation which has huge gardens.

They walked from one gate to the other and then into the gardens holding placards saying 100 STEPS FOR MONTESSORI. Even though they were to walk 100 steps, they were so excited that they walked almost 500 steps. 16 Montessori Schools with over 300 children participated in the walk. Children were later given refreshments and Certificates of Achievement.

On April 28 we have planned to formally open the Gool Minwalla Montessori Campus by holding an art exhibition of children's work from all Montessori schools in Karachi.

In the end of August we plan to celebrate Dr. Montessori's birthday with a seminar to which we will invite specialists to talk on various topics connected with Montessori Children of the New Millennium.

In mid-November, we have planned a Funfair at the Clifton Campus grounds where we expect participation and support from all Montessorians, especially from the school owners.