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To Celebrate the Global Nature of Montessori in the Centenary Year

The Montessori Centenary Committee is very excited to announce an event that every child in the world can take part in during the Centenary year – ‘100 steps for Montessori’.

What is it?
‘100 steps for Montessori’ is a sponsored walk to raise awareness of Montessori during the Centenary year. It is an invitation to every Montessori school in the world to take part in a global sponsored walk.

Who can participate?
Every child – no matter how small or large can participate – they only need to be able to walk 100 steps – so even those two year olds who love walking can do it! Big children can of course walk many more steps if they would like to! We are hoping to link up with schools from around the world so that together the children will be able to walk all around the equator!

Where and when will it take place?
The walk can be done anywhere – in your garden, in the local park, on the way to school or even on the beach! It can be done any time during the Centenary year.

Why should you join in?
We hope that you will decide to take part – it is only by getting lots of schools involved that we will be able to generate some media attention – imagine the headline – Montessori children walk the world to celebrate the Montessori Centenary! It will give you an opportunity to raise money for your own Centenary projects or a charity of your choice.

How can you find out more?
You can register your interest in taking part by filling in the online registration form. We will supply you with all the documents you need to do it – leaflet explaining what to do, sponsorship forms, stickers and certificates of achievement etc. All we ask for in return is for you to register your children's footsteps with us – so that we can add all the footsteps together and register them on the Centenary website – in this way we will be able to track the children's progress around the equator and create something for the media to talk about.

Raise Money for Your School and for the Parent Support Initiative
We encourage you to use the '100 Steps for Montessori' as a fundraising event to raise money for special Centenary projects at your school and to support the Centenary Parent Support Initiative. The Parent Support Initiative is a Centenary campaign being launched this year to assist parents with information about the developmental needs of children and practical ways to support this development. It will be launched in April 2007 with a new website Most of the schools taking part in the '100 Steps for Montessori' have decided to donate half the proceeds to the Parent Support Initiative. Whatever support you are able to offer it would be greatly appreciated.